26 January 2012

Kelowna Seminars on Children, Separation and Divorce with Joan Kelly

The BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society is presenting two seminars this spring with the renowned psychologist Joan Kelly in Kelowna, at the Manteo Resort. I've heard Dr. Kelly speak many times; she is an extremely informed, engaging speaker with an astonishing breadth of experience.

On 18 April 2012, Dr. Kelly will be speaking on two topics, helping children cope with separation and divorce and alienated children. Over next two days, April 19 and 20, will provide an introduction to parenting coordination, a child-focused dispute resolution designed to assist parents with a continuing history of high-conflict disputes.

The seminars are aimed at family law lawyers and mediators, registered mental health professionals helping separating parents, custody and access assessors, and professionals preparing views of the child reports. Contact pcadmin@shaw.ca for registration and pricing information.