19 January 2012

Helpful Calculators from the Federal Government

The Canada Revenue Agency has a number of extremely useful calculators available online:
Payroll Deductions Calculator: calculates deductions of federal and provincial income taxes, EI premiums and CPP contribution to determine basic net income.

Child Benefits Calculator: calculates the Canada Child Tax Credit, National Child Benefit Supplement, and similar provincial benefits like the BC Family Bonus.

GST/HST Credit Calculator: calculates the tax credit for the Goods and Services Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax, and similar provincial benefits like the BC HST Credit.
Service Canada, the government agency that provides services on behalf of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, has a useful calculator of its own:
Canadian Retirement Income Calculator: a bit complicated but will calculate Canada Pension Plan benefits and Old Age Security payments.
The Department of Justice offers the:
Child Support Online Lookup: a simple calculator to determine child support.