16 December 2014

Nominations Open for 2014 Clawbies

I'm a bit late getting to this, but nominations are now open for the 2014 Canadian Law Blog Awards. The awards "celebrate excellence in law-related blogging" in Canada, which is no reason why you shouldn't make a nomination. Nominate a blog or three by writing your own blog post about those blogs or by tweeting a nomination using the hashtag #clawbies2014.

My nominations for this year's awards in the large-groups-of-people-working-together category are:
  • ABlawg.ca, a publication of the Univeristy of Calgary's excellent Faculty of Law. ABlawg features a stable of solid academic writers who provide commentary on every area of the law. ABlawg is a perennial favourite of the Clawbies, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't win again. 
  • The CanLII Connects agglomerating blog, an important project of the awesome legal information portal CanLII. This blog hosts original and reposted case commentary provided by expert authors from across Canada and is going to become Canada's largest source of free legal commentary in very short order.
  • The Stream, the official blog of Courthouse Libraries BC. This blog provides timely information about developments in the case law, updates to the rules of court and practice directives and legislative amendments, as well as insightful commentary from a number of prominent lawyers.
My nominations in the solo-author-labouring-alone category are:
  • The blog written by barbara findlay, QC as an adjunct to her firm website. barbara is a family law lawyer and a tireless  advocate of LGBTTQ rights and her blog covers legal issues ranging from assisted reproduction to multi-parent families to immigration and sponsorship.
  • The blog of Georgialee Lang, another well-known family law lawyer, writing as her alter ego, Lawdiva. Georgialee's blog tackles controversial current legal issues, usually with a focus on family law matters, with a refreshing bluntness. 
  • Sara Cohen's Fertility Law Canada blog. Sarah is a fertility law lawyer and her blog is a wonderful resource of information about assisted reproduction, legal parentage and multi-parent families.
Visit the Clawbies website to read about past winners and how to to nominate your own favourite legal blog. A fairly complete collection of Canadian law blogs is available at Stem's Lawblogs.ca website.