17 September 2013

CanLII Launches Awesome New Interface

CanLII, short for the Canadian Legal Information Institute and a project of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, has just relaunched its website with a new and significantly improved user interface:

You can enter a Boolean or keyword search term from the main page; clicking on a particular province or territory will narrow your search accordingly. Clicking on the plus sign to the left of the search box expands the box to allow a more focussed search for a case or legislative text:

Your results will appear in a new page, with document hits sorted into four tabbed groups (everything, cases, legislation and commentaries), and a snapshot of the portion of the document in which the search term appears:

I've played around a bit with the new website and it's intuitive and really quite easy to use. CanLII has done a great job here, and, best of all, the website continues to be run free of charge. Thank you, Federation of Law Societies of Canada!

Update: 19 September 2013

Courthouse Libraries BC has published a blog entry with some genuinely useful information about using the new CanLII interface.

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  1. In a few clicks you can do quite a lot, without having to backup and start over. One thing about the older site was that once you had entered your terms and Boolean operators, if you wanted to just view the hits within your province, you would have to start over by first selecting your province and either retyping or copying and pasting your terms. Thanks to the Federation of Law Societies, but also worth pointing out that this incredible public service is supported by every BC lawyer who pays $35.37 annually (as of 2013) as part of their practice fee.