28 May 2013

Webinar on Predatory Marriages Offered

Carswell, one of Canada's leading providers of legal materials and now a of providers of continuing legal education programs, has announced an upcoming webinar on predatory marriages in Canada taught by Albert Oosterhoff, an adjunct law professor at the University of Toronto, and Kimberly Whaley a lawyer practicing in Ontario. The program summary offers this intriguing description:
"Predatory marriages result when an unscrupulous opportunist, who, purely for financial gain, marries a person with limited or compromised capacity or cognition. Predatory marriages are a form of exploitation and abuse of older adults. These marriages occur when one party to the marriage is incapable of understanding, appreciating, and formulating a choice to marry. Given that marriage brings with it a wide range of property and financial entitlements, perpetrators of such marriages have much to gain and the vulnerable older adults have much to lose when preyed upon in this fashion.    
"This webinar will help attendees identify and recognize signs of potential 'predatory marriages' and will provide attendees with an overview of the current and past case law as well as legislation affecting such marriages and the requisite capacity to marry in Canada"
It sounds like a very interesting course, especially given the graying of family law and rise of elder law.

The program runs from noon to 1:00pm EST (note that this is eastern time!) on Tuesday 4 June 2013, and comes at the rather reasonable cost of $90. For more information:
  1. go to the website of the West LegalEdcentre;
  2. in the "Search for CLE Programs" box at the middle of the page, enter "predatory marriages" in the Keywords text box;
  3. click "Search;" 
  4. click the grey box labeled "Live Webcast" in the results page that will pop up; and,
  5. click on the program title in the new page that will pop up.
(Carswell, if you'd like some tips about how to make it easier for people to find programs like this on your website, send me an email.)