07 November 2012

BCAMI Family Law Arbitrator Training Set for February 2013

The British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute has been working to develop training (DOC) for family law arbitrators since the Family Law Act became law last November. They must be ready to go, because the first session is set for five days beginning on 18 February 2013. I understand that the cost will be just under $3,000.

Unfortunately, I don't know much more about the BCAMI's new offering apart from this. BCAMI's ordinary arbitrator training is given in Vancouver by esteemed lawyer and arbitrator Glen Bell and requires three separate sessions running to a total of eight days, or two sessions and a total of five days for lawyers. I took my arbitrator training with Glen and thought that the program was excellent.

Arbitration is one of the "family dispute resolution" processes discussed in the new legislation, along with mediation, collaborative processes and parenting coordination. The Family Law Act will make a number of consequential amendments to the Commercial Arbitration Act to make it more friendly to the arbitration of family law disputes.

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  1. This new family law act of B.C. uses the threat to issue a protection order indicating that family member is or may be VIOLENT if a family member does not agree with arbitration, mediation processes in anyway and refers to the courts.(when a family member is NOT VIOLENT under criminal code of Canada). Welcome to family law in B.C. where the so-called leaders want total control through Arbitration.The threatened use of a protection order for compliance is a tactic that is NOT ETHICAL in my opinion and is a little too convenient.Are the people that make these recommendations have a fair and balanced approach to what is best for both sides?...they must have that in mind concerning protection orders then!
    The public will openly trust when leaders say: "it is about stopping violence",but not for use of the word: VIOLENT or VIOLENCE for new family law (civil) processes.Hope leaders are not betraying the public trust??