22 April 2012

New Court Form Templates Posted

I have posted templates on my website for the revised Supreme Court court forms which will come into effect on 25 April 2012. In the Resources & Links > The Courts, Court Forms & Case Law Resources chapter you will find templates for
  • Form F51, orders following chambers applications
  • Form F52, final orders, including divorce orders
  • Form F54, restraining orders
In the downloads segment of the Marriage & Divorce > Divorce chapter, you'll find updated templates for a number of forms used in the do-it-yourself desk order process:
  • Form F38, divorce affidavit
  • Form F37, child support affidavit
  • Form F52, divorce order
All divorce forms are available for both the sole divorce process, where only one spouse manages the application, and the joint divorce process, where the spouses apply for the divorce together.

Update: 28 April 2012

Sample versions of the new court forms for the desk order divorce process are now available in the Marriage & Divorce > Divorce chapter of my website.

Update: 30 April 2012

I have learned, from an acquaintance of mine who does a lot of work with government on family law issues, that the new court forms don't work particularly well in the fillable PDF format available from the Ministry of Justice. Apparently, because the forms are fillable PDFs designed let you check boxes and fill in blanks, the instructions to delete inapplicable paragraphs are impossible to carry out.

Not to worry. According to my acquaintance, who has the information straight from Court Services Branch, the unused paragraphs don't appear in the printed version of the forms.