20 February 2012

LSS Begins Blog Series on Family Law Act

The Legal Services Society, the organization that provides legal aid in British Columbia, today published the first of an ongoing series of blog posts about the Family Law Act on its Electronic Legal Aid News website. (ELAN is aimed at community workers but is accessible by everyone.) This is how the project is described:
"Over the next few months, we will run a series of ELAN blog entries to describe some of the important changes coming to family law in BC as a result of this new act. In addition to the changes listed above, these entries will describe the changes to the law about:
  • the language used in family law cases (e.g., changes to terms like custody and access)
  • agreements (and when they can be set aside)
  • how children’s best interests are considered in parenting disputes
  • guardianship
  • property and pension division, and the division of debts
  • child support and spousal support
  • protection orders (restraining orders)
  • court process and enforcement of orders"
You can subscribe to the ELAN RSS feed to have new posts delivered to your web browser or email service.

1 comment:

  1. I would like to focus on use of protection orders!!

    Under the charter a person is presumed innocence until found guilty in a court of law.
    The charter also upholds the rights of equality for all genders.
    That`s why we have these laws protected under the charter....that lawyers want enforced using protection orders.Are protection orders also protected under the charter of rights??

    But with restraining orders or protection orders
    a judge without criminal charge is able to impose a restriction or restrictions against a citizen without charge,is that TRUE?
    ....I thought you lawyers would be outraged,but you endorsed this use of the ....??
    To use this system as a tool in family law,not for its intended purpose,but NOW to extended it as a way to marginalize mostly men by using inflammatory language....Family Violence in negotiations between the two family members...WOW!!
    If the powers have reason that the law is not being respected,then charge the citizen!!
    ....if not should restrictions by applied?
    Is they`re are any provisions on restricting a citizen without charge endorsed by the charter of rights?
    Maybe protection orders do not respect the law?...maybe the professionals that uphold the law can....explain??
    I believe this... protection order is just a harassment tool being used to get their(powers to be) way on family law and also to intimate without proper use of the charter!!

    Maybe we should ask the Federal privacy minister?