02 November 2011

Access Pro Bono Launches New Website

Access Pro Bono, the organization formed in 2010 by the merger of the Western Canada Society to Access Justice and Pro Bono Law of British Columbia, has just launched a fantastic new website at www.accessprobono.ca, thanks to funding from the Legal Services Society, the agency which provides legal aid in British Columbia. The new site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

According to the executive director, Jamie Maclaren, Access Pro Bono
"...made a conscious decision to focus the new site on the pro bono legal services that we offer to low-income British Columbians and how to access them, rather than the ins and outs of our organization...

"Today's launched version of the site is Phase 1 of our ongoing web development project. We will be adding more dynamic elements and more resources to the site in subsequent phases, including CLE-TV programs for pro bono lawyers, greater integration with Clicklaw, more BC-based legal resources, more videos introducing our many programs and projects, and better web-based access to our services."

The new site is quite sharp and worth a visit.