03 October 2011

Family Law Act to Be Introduced This Fall

The text of the Lieutenant-Governor's Speech from the Throne has just been published, and, in the context of a discussion about improving access to justice, says this:
"The government will introduce the new Family Law Act during this session, to promote early resolution of family law problems."
There you have it; change is coming! Here's some background reading:

If the new bill looks anything like the white paper, the law of domestic relations in this province is going to undergo a stem to stern overhaul which will place British Columbia at the forefront of law reform in Canada.

Visit the Legislative Assembly's website at www.leg.bc.ca/39th4th/index.htm to track the introduction and progress of the bill through the legislature.

Update: 14 November 2011

Bill 16, the Family Law Act, was introduced in the provincial legislature today. I've summarized the new legislation in a new post, "Family Law Act Introduced!"