21 December 2010

Dial-A-Law Updates Family Law Scripts

Dial-A-Law, a public legal information project of the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, has just published a complete overhaul of its online library of family law scripts which, among other things, brings them up to date with the new Supreme Court Family Rules. The updated scripts address a wide range of family law issues, from divorce and annulment, to custody and guardianship, to child protection and family violence. A new script provides a general introduction to family law and the family court process.

The complete collection of Dial-A-Law scripts can be accessed at www.dialalaw.org or by calling 604.687.4680 in the Lower Mainland and 1.800.565.5297 elsewhere in British Columbia.


  1. Can an 88 yr old lady with 4th yr Dementia be sued?

    1. Sure. The problem is how would she defend the suit. In most situations like that, the court would appoint a litigation guardian (if some other arrangement hadn't been made, like a power of attorney) who would manage the litigation on her behalf.