27 June 2010

New Court Forms Posted

Templates for the new court forms under the Supreme Court Family Rules are now available for download on my website, along with samples of what the forms ought to look like when they're filled out. In The Legal System > Starting an Action, in the downloads segment, you'll find:
  • Form F3: Notice of Family Claim
  • Form F8: Financial Statement
  • Form F19: Notice of Judicial Case Conference
In The Legal System > Defending an Action, you'll find:
  • Form F4: Response to Family Claim
  • Form F5: Counterclaim
In The Legal System > Interim Applications (you'll need to scroll down a fair bit), you'll find:
  • Form 31: Notice of Application
  • Form 32: Application Response
In Marriage & Divorce > Divorce, you'll find the complete suite of forms required for the do-it-yourself divorce process:
  • Form F1: Joint Notice of Family Claim
  • Form F3: Notice of Family Claim
  • Form F15: Affidavit of Personal Service
  • Form F35: Requisition for divorce order
  • Form F17: Requisition to search for a defence
  • Form F36: Registrar's Certificate
  • Form F38: Divorce Affidavit
  • Form F37: Child Support Affidavit
  • Form F52: Divorce Order
  • Form F56: Divorce Certificate
Other form templates will be posted in the Resources & Links section when I can get to them.

Update: 22 April 2012

See my post "New Court Form Templates Posted" for a list of the Supreme Court family law forms amended as of 25 April 2012, and links to my templates for those forms.