20 January 2010

BC Announces Domestic Violence Policy

On Monday the provincial Solicitor General's office announced the government's policy response to the coroner's inquest into the 2007 deaths of Yong Sun Park, her son Christian Lee and her parents Kum Lea Chun and Moon Kyu Park at the hands of Park's husband, Peter Lee. The deaths sparked broad public concern into handling of domestic violence cases by the government and police.

According to the press release issued by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the government will:
  • establish a uniform policy on the investigation of domestic violence complaints, and flag such complaints so that all officials involved are aware the case involves an allegation of domestic violence;
  • establish a specialized domestic violence unit in the capital district, where the murders took place;
  • review deaths relating to domestic violence between 1995 and 2009; and,
  • establish a standard set of bail conditions to be requested when an accused is identified as high risk.