24 February 2012

New Administrative Notice for Chambers Applications

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has published a new administrative notice, AN-10 (PDF), about how late application records are to be handled. Under Rule 10-6(14), the applicant is required to file an application record, a binder containing all of the documents for the application, by 4:00pm two business days before the date set for the hearing.

Under the new administrative notice, when an application record is not filed in time, the application will be struck from the list and will not be heard.

The applicant may apply for leave to have the application put back on the list using a special form of requisition in Form F17. (The form appears at Appendix A of the administrative notice.)

Where an application respondent shows up ready to go on the day of the hearing only to discover that the application has been struck from the list, the application respondent may apply for his or her costs of the appearance using another special form of the F17 requisition. (The form appears at Appendix B of the administrative notice.)

Late filers, beware!