29 November 2011

Family Law Act Third Reading Bill Posted

Bill 16 has been posted on the legislature's website as it was passed on third reading. The new act, which will be formally cited as the Family Law Act, S.B.C. 2011, c. 25 (meaning the twenty-fifth chapter of the statutes of British Columbia enacted in 2011), has not yet been posted on the website of the Queen's Printer; the third reading bill is the closest we'll get to an official draft until the act is formally published.


  1. I hope it`s not too late!!

    I also have a few recommendations for this legislation:

    -When people get married all information about FRA should be acknowledged by future spouses before receiving marriage license.

    End NO fault divorce,put the children`s right`s first and mandatory mediation before divorce if children are involved.If their is NO cooperation by either side,that should be considered and defined as "Family Violence".

    Change FMEP to include enrollment based on both parties agreeing to FMEP involvement,unless payor has shown to default over time.

    Comment:this legislation defining"Family Violence" could infringe on the power of judges by limiting judges to decide what"Family Violence" is in a particular case??

    These comments are my opinion only.Please correct me if my concerns are completely unwarranted.

  2. Unfortunately, the bill is now law, and any changes will require either a judge's decision that a term is unconstitutional or an amendment made by the Legislature. The Legislature is schedule to resume sitting on 14 February 2012.

  3. The law needs to allow disparity between the financial value of the spouses. A hockey player earning millions should not be valued the same as his bimbo wife that has the earning capacity of a checkout chick. It is totally unfair that a $100 per hour wage is equalized to a $10 an hour wage.

    The lower earning spouse should get the value she/he brings to the table, not the value she/he inherits from the other spouse.

    Good to see that premarital assets are now excluded. So should all asset acquired after separation.

    I'd never marry again. The law is shockingly unfair to higher earning individuals, so why would I risk my wealth again.