29 October 2010

The Return of LawLINE?

LawLINE was one of the programs offered by the Legal Services Society, the organization that provides legal aid in British Columbia, that were terminated in 1 April 2010 as a result of cuts to the society's budget. LawLINE gave people telephone access to a lawyer for legal information and advice without having to pay for an initial consultation. From my point of view, programs like this are invaluable for people who might only have a small question that can be answered quickly and for people living in the more remote parts of the province; it was a real loss when the program was cut.

To get to the good news, I have heard from a reliable source that LSS may be reviving LawLINE in the next couple of months, or at least some other program that will look a lot like LawLINE. This is very welcome news indeed.