31 January 2010

Journal Publishes List of Stepfamily Self-Help Books

The December 2009 edition of Family Relations, an organ of the National Council on Family Relations, contains a very interesting article in which the authors evaluate the usefulness of 64 self-help books for stepfamilies based on readability, content, references to the scientific literature, the qualifications of the author and comprehensiveness.

Without getting into the details of the article, the 13 books which made it into the "strongly recommended" list were, in alphabetical order:
  1. Boyd, H. The step-parent's survival guide (1998, London, Ward Lock)
  2. Fletcher, J.B. A career girl's guide to becoming a step-mom (2007, New York, Harper)
  3. Lauer, R.H. & Lauer, J.C. Becoming family: How to build a stepfamily that really works (1999, Minneapolis, Augsburg)
  4. Lutz, E. The complete idiot's guide to stepparenting (1998, New York, Alpha)
  5. Mulford, P.G. Keys to successful stepmothering (1996, Hauppauge, Barron's)
  6. Newman, M. Stepfamily realities: How to overcome difficulties and have a happy family (1993, Oakland, New Harbinger)
  7. Norwood, P.K. & Wingender, T. The enlightened stepmother (1999, New York, Avon)
  8. O'Connor, A. The truth about stepfamilies (2004, New York, Marlowe)
  9. Pickhardt, C.E. Keys to successful stepfathering (1997, Hauppauge, Barron's)
  10. Rosenblum, G. Stepfamilies: Making it great (2000, Minneapolis, Creative Publishing)
  11. Thomas, S. Two happy homes (2005, Longmont, Spingboard Publications)
  12. Tufnell, C. & Tufnell, T. Every step counts (2007, Oxford, Lion)
  13. Visher, E.B. & Visher, J.S. How to win as a stepfamily (1991, New York, Routledge)
"An Evaluation of the Remarriage and Stepfamily Self-Help Literature" was written by Marilyn Coleman and Lynette Nickleberry, both of the University of Missouri.