18 April 2013

Family Law Act Commentary Available

Courthouse Libraries BC has published two articles of mine on the new Family Law Act that may be useful for those in search of additional resources and commetary on the act.

The first, "Varying orders and setting aside agreements under the FLA," is a chart of the tests prescribed by the act to change orders and set aside agreements. The applicable tests differ depending on the subject matter and whether you're talking about an order or an agreement.

The second, "Adapting Joyce and Horn Models for Divorce Act and FLA," suggests some ways that the Joyce and Horn Models of guardianship, models that were commonly used to define the rights and responsibilities involved in joint guardianship under the old Family Relations Act, might be salvaged to define joint custody under the Divorce Act and the sharing of parental responsibilities among guardians under the Family Law Act.

In addition, the page Family Law Act Basics in my new wiki, JP Boyd on Family Law, has a complete plain-language breakdown of the new act.