05 February 2013

Amendments Amended: Rules of Court adjusted for guardianship applications

Two new Orders in Council have just been published implementing further amendments to the amendments previously released for the Supreme Court Family Rules and the Provincial Court Family Rules. A third order in council amends the recently released Family Law Act Regulation. The reason for these amendments stems from s. 51(2) of the Family Law Act which, as I am sure everyone by now recalls, requires that certain additional evidence concerning the best interests of the child be provided  when applications are made for the appointment of a person as the guardian of a child.

Provincial Court Family Rules

The PCFR are amended (PDF) to include a new Rule 18.1, "Guardianship Orders." The rule provides that an affidavit in Form 34 must be prepared for guardianship applications, to which must be attached a criminal records check, probably by way of a CPIC printout, as well as records checks from the Ministry for Children and Family Development and the Protection Order Registry. The affidavit required the applicant to disclose:
  • his or her relationship to the children of whom guardianship is sought;
  • any incidents of family violence affecting the children;
  • any involvement in court proceedings under the Child, Family and Community Service Act, the Family Relations Act, the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act concerning children in the applicant's care; and,
  • any history of criminal convictions and the existence of any current criminal charges.
 You can find a link to the original amendments to the PCFR in my post "Family Law Act: Changes to Rules of Court."

Supreme Court Family Rules

The SCFR are amended (PDF) to include a new Rule 15-2.1, "Guardianship Orders," to the same effect as the PCFR 18.1, with a new affidavit in Form F101.

 You can find a link to the original amendments to the SCFR in my post "Family Law Act: Changes to Rules of Court."

Family Law Act Regulation

The Family Law Act Regulation is amended to include a new Form 5, "Consent for Child Protection Record Check," to be used to obtain a record check from the Ministry for Children and Family Development.

You can find a link to the Family Law Act Regulation in PDF format in my post "Regulations to Family Law Act Published."