28 January 2013

Integrative Law: A day with Pauline Tesler

The BC Collaborative Roster Society has announced a day-long seminar presented by Pauline Tesler with the lofty title The Next Step: How Integrative Law is Reclaiming the Healing Heart of Legal Practice at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. The Roster Society's announcement says this:
"A flood of neuroscience and cognitive/behavioral psychology research studies is yielding discoveries daily that challenge core beliefs about human consciousness and rationality imbedded in our legal institutions. This growing body of evidence carries revolutionary implications for our day to day work with clients, depicting a brain that is driven not by reason, but by emotion — a brain that has changed little in 20,000 years. The impact of these new understandings is already beginning to transform dispute resolution practice. Attend this cutting edge course introducing key concepts in integrative law and practical 'neuro-literacy'. Explore new perspectives on why we and our clients behave as we do during conflict and conflict resolution, and how we might do better. Experiment with understandings and practical techniques that can make our conflict resolution work more effective and satisfying for ourselves and our clients, and consider some ethical implications of these new understandings about how humans are wired. This workshop will provide a 'sampler' of major integrative law vectors, including brain science, neuroeconomics, and positive psychology, and will explore how the concepts of apology, forgiveness and restorative justice can be applied in collaborative practice."
Ms. Tesler is a California lawyer certified as a family law specialist, a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and one of the founders of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. The Roster Society promises a "lively, engaging, information-packed course [which] includes multimedia presentations, interactive exercises, and discussion."

The course runs from 9:00 to 4:30 on Monday 4 March 2013. The cost of registration is $200 for local members of the Roster Society and $150 for those who live outside the Lower Mainland, $200 for paralegals, articling students and junior lawyers, and a princely $400 for all others. For more information, drop a line to info@bccollaborativerostersociety.com.