30 September 2011

Mexican Proposal for the Ultimate Starter Marriage

The BBC has reported on a novel bill introduced to Mexico City's Legislative Assembly of the Federal District by Lizbeth Rosas Montero, a member of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, which would allow newly weds to enter into a marriage contract giving them two years to decide whether to call it quits or renew their vows. Says the BBC:

"Half of all marriages in Mexico City currently end in a split.

"[Montero] believes the contracts, allowing couples to 'renew or dissolve' the marital link after a pre-arranged term, would lead to more harmonious relationships and reduce the workload on family judges.

"Terms governing healthcare provision, the way children are educated, how much money was needed to support the family, and how dependents would be looked after in the case of a break-up would be set out in advance."

This is an interesting idea, which would seem to take the most useful features of a marriage agreement and add a fixed date when the parties would review not just the continuing fairness of their agreement but the continuing value of their relationship. Although I'm certainly in favour of reducing the court's workload, I'm not sure the idea has much potential for Canada given the ease with which couples are presently able to divorce under our present no-fault system.