19 May 2011

Japan Finally to Sign Hague Convention

The BBC has reported that, at long last, Japan is going to sign the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction later this year.

Japan's move is significant, not only because it is the last of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to sign the convention, but because Japanese family law favours single-parent families after separation and thus envisions a distribution of parental rights at odds with the convention's presumption of joint parental significance.


  1. http://www.crnjapan.net

    The Japanese have been saying this for many years. They followed up by stating it will take 3 years to implement, which means - They will be non-complaint even after signing. No luck for the fathers, and mothers you spoke of.

    Eric Kalmus
    The Japan Children's Rights Network

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