28 July 2010

ClickLaw Posts Resources on the New Rules

ClickLaw, a legal education and information website run by Courthouse Libraries BC, has posted a helpful listing of resources on the new Supreme Court Family Rules.


  1. Can a person who is not "a party" to a proceeding be granted "standing" if one of the parties objects?

  2. When is society going to finally stop penalizing men for being men. Even though there has been change, there's still a significant presence of gender bias decisions happening in our society today. The old legislation & new legislation was never driven by the quest for equality/fairness and the best interests of our children. Legislation is driven by money and politics.
    The fact is, an ever increasing number of common-law relationships and a drop in marriages has been the push for this new legislation to move forward. The reality is, failed common-law relationships put a larger burden on the government and in their ifinite wisdom they choose to pass this burden on to others, whether it's right or wrong.
    What about new legislation that implements joint parenting by default. I am so tired of hearing, now living the horror stories that most males face when their relationships break down. The new legislation may provide some benefits, but the system still fails to provide equality to everyone. It was time for a change, but it's too bad it wasn't truly driven by the desire of fairness for all. Our children deserve and it's their right to equal access to both parents.

    1. I support this last anonymous statement fully. It would gret to hear some further discussion on this?