04 February 2010

New Resources for the New Rules

The complete, official text of the new Supreme Court Family Rules, including the new forms prescribed by those rules is available on the website of the Queen's Printer. Bookmark this link!

I have posted a number of my papers on the new rules for free public download on my own website, in the New Rules 101 page. Topics include:
  • Index and Concordance: Rules Commonly Referenced - An alphabetized index of the new rules to the current Supreme Court Rules of Court.
  • Timelines, Deadlines and Limitation Periods - Like it sounds, a digest of the new rules' timelines and deadlines.
  • Commencing Proceedings: Process and Procedure - A review of the processes for commencing proceedings by Notice of Family Claim and Petition and the rules about personal service and ordinary service.
  • Chambers Proceedings: Process and Procedure - A digest of the process for all chambers applications, including applications for interim orders, final orders by summary trial, variation proceedings and petition proceedings.
  • Practice Tips: Tidbits, Oddities and Miscellanea - A summary of some of the more interesting quirks of the new rules from a lawyer's perspective.