08 June 2013

New Attorney General Announced

Premier Clark announced her new executive council yesterday, including the appointment of Suzanne Anton, a lawyer and former Vancouver city councillor, as Minister of Justice and Attorney General. The former Attorney General, Shirley Bond, who served in that post for the last two years if memory serves, has been appointed as Minister of Jobs and Minister of Labour.

According to the government backgrounder, Minister Anton's priorities will be to:
  • work to enhance public safety and security for all BC residents and implement the Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy;
  • ensure reforms from our comprehensive review of the justice system are implemented, including greater court efficiencies to reduce backlogs; and,
  • begin consultations to modernize BC's liquor laws.
If you can think of anything else which might be a top-three priority, like, for example, properly funding the provincial court, restoring legal aid for family law matters and improving access to justice, leave a comment.


  1. You nailed it JP - as always. Any thoughts on HOW to get those three on the list? With this government???

  2. Let's achieve all three by Legal Aid issuing mediation-only referrals. Clients should be able to retain a mediator directly without having to get a referral for a legal aid lawyer. Also, issue legal aid referrals for people to get independent legal advice on mediated agreements. Lawyers often don't need to be present at mediations. Mediation can achieve results provincial duty counsel are often unable to achieve. Allocate resources where they will benefit clients, not just lawyers.