19 June 2012

More Family News from KTLA

In my 5 May 2012 post "If Only I Could Do It All Over Again: Hindsight is 20/20," I wrote about an article from Los Angeles-based KTLA Television on the revenge of a jilted girlfriend which, sadly, turned out to be a hoax. I also mentioned the "disturbing family-related news" offered by KTLA.

I happened by KTLA's website again today, and they have managed to maintain an even keel on their family news reportage. Here are the stories you'll find under the Popular Stories banner today:
  • Man Chops Off Daughter's Head for 'Indecent Behavior'
  • Baby Dies After Being Fed Vodka And Baby Formula
  • Mothers Brawl at South L.A. Preschool Graduation
  • Children Left Bound, Blindfolded in Walmart Parking Lot
  • Parents Track Down Daughter's Pimp, Kill Him
Holy cow. But don't let these depressing stories get you down. For something lighter, scroll down a bit and check out their photo gallery, "Adorable Cats Wearing Fruit Hats."


  1. You know, I almost think that those articles are comparable to Adorable Cats Wearing Fruit Hats in terms of their basic goal.

    Media seems really fixated on showing its consumers "the worst of the worst," and I feel like the reason is to give its consumers the comfort of knowing that, no matter what's going on in their life, there's somebody who's a worse parent, there's somebody with a messier house, there's somebody with more crippling addictions.

    It's not media that encourages anybody to act for change, or to look inward, but rather just comforting pap, whether the subject is outwardly adorable or horrifying. Read it, feel better about yourself, move on with your day.

    It's the Jerry Springer Show writ large.

    1. That's a good point. I suppose that's the basic reason why the buffet of shows about hoarding, sexual fixations and multiple wives remain enduringly popular.