02 June 2010

Free Access to New Rules from Quickscribe

The nice people at Quickscribe Services Ltd have kindly offered my readers unlimited, free access to their legislation database resource for the rest of this month until the new rules come into effect on 1 July 2010.

Quickscribe maintains a comprehensive and current database of provincial legislation and regulations, and consolidates and posts amendments to their website long before they're available through the Queen's Printer. Quickscribe offers up-to-date access to provincial bills and orders in council, and tracks the amendment history of every act.

To take advantage of Quickscribe's offer, go to the login page at http://www.quickscribe.bc.ca/login.html and enter the username [offer expired] and the password [offer expired]. You won't need to cough up any personal information at all.

To locate the new rules, enter "supreme court family rules" in the Find Act/Regulation box and click GO.