24 December 2008


Welcome to the official blog companion to JP Boyd's BC Family Law Resource, www.bcfamilylawresource.com. I first published this website in 2001 as a short guide to family law and the court process in British Columbia for non-lawyers. The website grew as time went on, eventually turning into a resource of a breadth and depth I hadn't anticipated, with lots of bells and whistles like Q&A sections, a breaking news section and other features that wound up taking more and more of my time to maintain. Eventually, I was faced with the difficult decision of either forcing myself to spend time I didn't have keeping the website up to date or simply removing the high-maintenance parts of the site. I wound up choosing the second option, as you'd probably expect.

I hope that this blog, which is a heck of a lot easier to update than my website, will help to fill the gap created when I renovated my website. This blog will offer updates on the legislation, court procedure and court rules that apply to family law cases, news of important developments in family law, and of course give me the opportunity to editorialize a bit every now and then.

I'll be integrating this blog into my website over the next two weeks or so and making the other updates and changes necessary to usher the website into 2009. After that, I'll be posting a quick year-in-review to this blog. And after that? You'll just have to come back and check for updates.